Hi, I’m Viki Brown, and I help women Feel Great Naked


A woman who Feels Great Naked understands that she is amazing as is, and she accepts herself. She doesn't have to or want to fit into a box to be accepted. She understands that when she loves, respects, and honors herself she is powerful, and strong. She feels great and is healthy. She walks with confidence, and she supports other women from a place of love, compassion and building community. She's regularly working on herself to show up in the world more authentic and real.


My Vision is for ALL women to take better care of their bodies, by trusting themselves, letting go of self judgement, so that they show up in the world fully confident in themselves to live the life of their dreams on their terms.  And they Feel Great Naked!


How I

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"Choosing Viki as my Health Coach was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. Going into the process, I was expecting to just lose a few pounds but ended up getting so much more out of the process. Instead, working with her was a gentle reminder to always keep a space for myself and to really be more present. It has helped me with my personal relationships and as an entrepreneur. I am truly glowing from the inside out!"

Crystal T.

Dallas, TX

"I notice the progress I'm making already by working with The Healthy Vixen. I am more conscious of my food choices and when I eat. I have also prioritized movement and exercise - 'I even have goals now.' Who knew it would be this simple! I'm elated that I've lost inches because I'm down a couple of dress sizes. I feel great all around!"

Berti B.

Houston, TX

"With Viki's help and encouragement, my self-reflection has become more focused. Thus, guiding me in progress toward my health goals more quickly--some of which are meditating regularly, drinking even more water, sleeping well, and feeling better about my overall health. Together, we celebrate large and small accomplishments and appreciate everything along the way..."

Rachel V.

Encino, CA

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IG: @imthehealthyvixen



Southern CA

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